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Baby carrier is my best buy so far!

baby carrier

Baby carrier is my best buy so far!

by babyamore

Being a mum for the first time is hard! A baby carrier can make things that bit easier…

As the title may suggest, I had begun to feel a little ‘bogged down’ by my baby when he was around 3 weeks old. Simple tasks like preparing a bottle, putting the washing on or tidying up was impossible if he was crying. I had started to do things one-handed whilst holding him in my other arm. I couldn’t help but feel that this would end in tears if I kept it up much longer!

The Solution? A baby carrier!

A friend of mine uses a baby carrier, I’ve even seen her gardening with her baby strapped to her front! I hadn’t been keen on the idea of the tradional baby slings as their little legs always seemed to be pressed around the mothers’ back, pinning the baby’s hips in an awkward position. So to see this front mounted baby carrier was exactly what I needed in my life.

The options?

There are two distinct options:

1) the padded baby carrier, kind of looking like a front mounted back pack! These can also be used on your back in many cases too. I went for the Ergo Baby Carrier as this is the exact model my friend has and I had tried my boy in it already. This does seem a popular option on amazon and i’ve been really happy with it. There are also cheaper options such as the best selling babyway carrier, a 3-in-1 carrier which also gains strong reviews.

2) the baby sling – I’m sure the sling would work well for me too but I haven’t tried one yet. They look a little less bulky for working indoors so may be a better option in that respect. I currently have the funky flamingo baby carrier/sling in my wishlist and will be giving this a try!

The verdict?

A baby carrier is a must have item for any parent needing to get things done! This is a bit of a no-brainer with hindsight, I only wish it didnt take me three weeks to figure out!

Please feel free to browse this store for baby carriers and other baby/nursery related items. As i’ve written all over this site, I’m a first time mum bumbling my way through raising my child. I built this site as a hobby and an opportunity to recommend items that have worked for me, my family & friends as well as other parents based on their online product reviews. I am also a regular on!



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  • babyamore
    November 25, 2015

    Feel free to leave a comment on your recommendations regarding baby carriers/slings! Please drop us a share to your favourite social media (use the little links just above to comments) if you find this useful, it helps us a lot!

    baby amore x

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