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Nursery Ideas, best reviewed baby products and things you DON’T need to buy!

nursery ideas

Nursery Ideas, best reviewed baby products and things you DON’T need to buy!

by babyamore

Being an auntie to twins (a boy and a girl) and now a mum myself, I decided to share my experiences and recommendations for all you lovely mums and dads to be!

During the early days I read through thousands of threads and various other forums searching for nursery ideas. I was looking for nursery décor and product inspiration. Honest, tried and tested advice on the best products for my little one. My hours of research offered much insight. I found articles such as a blog written by a mum of two little boys who went into great detail about the products she recommended and which ones she had tried and thought were a waste of time!

This blog, I hope, is a summary of many blogs and threads with the best advice and recommended products here on I’ve been as honest as possible and given advice that I have received and liked. Advice that I now give my friends who are expecting their first child. I will also mention some of the things I do not recommend, as well as the downright dangerous! I hope you find this useful.

nursery ideas

Nursery Ideas and things to buy!

Nursing & Feeding

It really depends how you plan to feed your baby! There are no major rights or wrongs. Breastfeeding is fine. Bottle feeding is fine. I have family and friends who have strong healthy kids who have fed in each way. If you wish to breastfeed, see some of the best reviewed nursing products here.

If you do wish to bottle feed, you have to decide what type of milk you will buy and how you intend to prepare it. For example, the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep (think espresso machine for your baby) is designed to produce milk consistently at the right temperature for your baby in just 2 minutes. No boiling and cooling water. No messing. There are also pre-made milks which can be served warm or at room temperature. It’s usually a decision made with budget and convenience in mind.


Cots & beds

Straight from the hospital I would recommend getting your little one into a Moses basket. These can be really useful for night-time feeds as the basket and stand can be placed at the side of your bed. It is also a good place for baby to sleep during the day whilst you nap or get on with all those household chores! I took my Moses basket with me on a couple of overnight stays in hotels during the first few months. I felt it was easier than having to arrange a cot with the hotel, plus he fell asleep quickly in his familiar surroundings.

The Clair de Lune Starburst Palm Moses Basket (Cream)   and its matching stand are my all-time favourites and products I personally bought. They are classically designed, sturdy and perfect for your new-born in those early days. You can purchase these without finalising your nursery ideas because the Moses basket setup will be in your bedroom anyway.

As for cribs/cots or cot-beds, this really comes down to the size of your nursery and the decor you are trying to achieve. I found that many products which looked good online were not particularly sturdy when examined in-store. For that reason I spent a little more money on this cot-bed. A sturdy and good looking piece of furniture that really does make the room. Once you have found plenty of nursery ideas you can start to zero in on the best looking cot for your room design.


Nursery Bedding

There are plenty of bedding packages available on the internet but I find most of these are unnecessary. Bear in mind that recent guidelines have recommended that various articles of bedding and bumpers should not be used. Please do click here for further reading on current government guidelines.

I believe the only thing your baby needs in a cot is a fitted cot sheet and a few cellular blankets. Cellular blankets like this one Baby Elegance Bedding Bale are constructed so that even if your baby was to manoeuvre themselves down in the cot, they can still breathe through the material. Consider your nursery ideas and decor before committing to the colour and style, although there is a neutral colour option for the bedding bale in store.

Better still, invest in a gro-bag like this one Grobag Wash & Wear Spotty Bear for complete cosiness and piece of mind! Just make sure the tog level is correct for the time of year and you’ve got this covered.


Baby Monitors & Safety

Firstly, when discussing baby monitors (audio & video) I must say that recording the baby’s breathing is not a feature I would recommend! These are so sensitive that the slightest thing will rouse your suspicions and cause you to constantly check on your baby. This is often completely unnecessary and just disturbs both you and the baby far too much.

The Motorola MBP16 Digital Audio Monitor with LCD Display is a good example of a highly rated and best-selling Audio Monitor.  It has a handy clip belt which allows you to move around the house whilst using it. This is not a constant monitor, it is only triggered by abnormal sound, so don’t expect to hear your child breathing through the speakers. Beneficial considering the above point!

Arguably, the solution for uncertainty is to buy a video monitor like this one The Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor. This allows parents to watch the room that their baby is asleep in alongside hearing the noises being made. This is especially good for children as they get older and the prospect of them climbing out of their cots becomes a reality!

Finally, these items are not required immediately as your baby will sleep in the same room as you for the first few months.


Nappy changing

You will make most nappy/daiper decisions based upon what is available at your local store. There are many good reviews for cheaper brand nappies, as well as the well known brands. In England, Aldi’s own brand nappies (Mamia) are an award winning best seller, at half the price of leading brands.

Something I found invaluable was the Tomee Tippee Sangeanic Bin. This allows you to dispose of nappies in a special bin which hygienically stores nappies ready to dispose of in one go. Less nappies laying around the house. Less trips to the outside bin! Definitely check this item out, a real must-have in my opinion. With any nappy changing equipment, bear in mind your nursery ideas and decor before picking styles and colours!


Baby Toys

At such an early stage of their lives toys aren’t an immediate concern. However there are a number of useful items you can use to keep them occupied, keep them quiet or get them to sleep! The first product I can personally recommend is a good baby rocker like this one. When all else fails, strapping them in here and gently rocking with your toe just seems to do the trick! My husband managed to master this whilst playing PlayStation too… Bouncers are particularly good for babies with reflux problems as they will not like sleeping whilst laying flat.

Play mats like this one are also a good way of introducing new sounds, shapes and colours to your baby. I think it’s important for your baby’s development to get them interacting with items such as this from an early age.


Nursery Ideas – Conclusion

Much of what I’ve said and recommended is my personal opinion. Some of it is important safety advice. I struggled with nursery ideas so I hope this helps. Remember that the items you pick for your baby must fit with your final nursery ideas and decor. Consumables like nappies and milk must be easy for you to source on a regular basis.

For most of the one time purchases like cots, food prep and toys please feel free to browse the store here at Baby Amore. I have found the best prices for my favourite products and brought them to this store. My friends and family find this site helpful and buy from here. I hope you do too!

Please check the blog page often as I add product reviews and more in depth advice. If there is anything you would like to ask send me a message from the contact page or email me at I hope your pregnancy goes well or if you’ve already had your baby you better get looking at the store already!


Thanks for reading and take care of yourself!

baby amoreBaby Amore xxx


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  • August 7, 2015

    Wonderful, what a website it is! This website presents useful information to
    us, keep it up.

    • babyamore
      August 18, 2015


      Thank you! glad you enjoyed it and I hope you found some useful products here. I will be posting more blogs soon on specific topics.

      Stay tuned!

      Baby Amore x

  • Marie
    July 30, 2015


    Thanks for taking the time to write this – lots of useful info that seems real honest! I have ordered the cot you recommended it looks really good! I’ll comment again after amazon deliver it to verify the quality 😉


    ps. Cot came on time and in good condition! This site redirected me to Amazon to purchase. Their customer service and delivery is amazing so i was happy with that. Thanks again for the advice!

    • babyamore
      August 27, 2015

      Thanks for your update Marie, really glad you like it and it turned up on time! Can’t fault good old amazon for their delivery and customer service.

      Many thanks

      Baby Amore xx

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